Pagan Blog Project 2013 [Masterpost]

My A-Z of Pagan Blog Project posts, from Altar to … erm.. something beginning with Z.

  1. A Altar: what’s on it, and why I don’t want to share photographs of mine
  2. A Afterlife, animism, all: “we are all made of star stuff” (Carl Sagan)
  3. B Brigid: why I feel a connection, what inspires me
  4. B Broom closet: slowly peeking out of it
  5. C Cailleach: the ‘crone’ type, the seasonal deity
  6. C Creativity: an expression of faith
  7. D Decisions: deities aren’t magic eight balls
  8. D Dichotomies: I try to discuss dichotomies but get a bit stuck.
  9. E Elements: earth, air, fire, water
  10. E Employment: faith in the workplace
  11. F Festivals: why they help with my mental health
  12. F Formative years: personal history
  13. G Gender essentialism: and mother and father personifications
  14. G Gratitude: to my lady Brigid
  15. H Hares: artwork admiration
  16. H Hares #2
  17. I Identifying living things: plants, trees and animals
  18. I Identity
  19. J Jackdaws: always landing on my head
  20. J Jewellery: learning not to become too attached; the symbol is not the thing itself
  21. K Kindred: are we all one?
  22. K Knowledge: what I want to know to consider myself a Pagan
  23. L Languages: phonemes and graphemes and ogham, oh my!
  24. L Litha: how I’m marking the midsummer festival
  25. M Moon, the
  26. M Metaphor: why I seem to love it, and how it helps with my Seasonal Affective Disorder
  27. N Names: choosing your own
  28. N Night
  29. O Ogham
  30. O Ord Brigideach International
  31. P Pratchett: on witchcraft, Tiffany Aching, and why a hat can be made of sky
  32. P Pantheons: worship all the Deities?
  33. Q Quiet
  34. Q Quests
  35. R Reconstructionism
  36. R
  37. S Synaesthesia: why some traditional colour associations don’t mesh for me
  38. S
  39. T Threes: triple moon, triple goddess, triskele
  40. T Trees: they are super
  41. U UPG
  42. U
  43. V Veiling: head-covering as a devotional act
  44. V
  45. W Wheel of the Year: making my own
  46. W Witchcraft
  47. X
  48. X
  49. Y
  50. Y
  51. Z
  52. Z

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