C is for Creativity

It is typical to build a relationship with one’s deities is through prayer and worship. This might be through setting up an altar, collecting items associated with them, wearing an item (like a piece of jewellery, or a headscarf) as an expression of faith, meditating, praying to them, or doing things that they might wish.

For Brigid, I do most of the above: I think of her when I meditate, I pray to her, I do things I think she might wish or that I feel she has asked me to do; my altar isn’t specifically for her, but I have started to collect items associated with her; I wear a headband and sometimes a headscarf, and – for jewellery – I have been drawn to an old Celtic cross that I bought in a shop in Ireland over a decade ago. I wear it under my clothes, to avoid assumptions that I’m Christian. That’s quite a number of things I try to keep in my daily life as a way of affirming my faith.

Above all that, though, I find that creation is one of the greatest acts of faith. Brigid, as mentioned before, is a deity of the fire in the mind – the fire of inspiration. When I am inspired to draw, paint, sing, play instruments, or write, I am doing it because of Brigid, and for Brigid. It’s a way of building that faith relationship, and of expressing my faith (like this blog project!), and it honours her. I think that the more I create, the happier I’ll be and the happier she’ll be.


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  1. Thank you very much for this post! I’ve been working with Brigid over the last year or so, and I’ve been a bit puzzled about how I can best honour her in a way that feels meaningful to me. Somehow, I never really thought that my creative work that I’m doing can be a form of devotion in and of itself.

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