D is for Dichotomies

I’ve written and deleted this blog post about four times. It’s included everything from explaining my distaste for the ‘white = good, black = bad’ imagery frequently used in the Pagan community, an in-depth explanation of my mixed feelings about someone who caused me lots of pain, considerations of what I feel about intentionally cursing people (such as the person who caused me pain) or sending out negative energy, and working out whether I’m a fluffy bunny or not. It hasn’t really merged into anything cohesive, let alone had anything to do with Paganism, and I’ve failed to save draft copies.


Kindness and compassion are good things. I try to be compassionate and kind in my life, and not to be cruel to others. Dichotomies don’t always work, though. Absence of cruelty is not always kindness; absence of goodness is not necessarily evil; the world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters; and neither summer nor winter is bad, just different.

What does this mean for my Paganism?

Well, I have two deities which could be considered polar opposites: Brigid, goddess of fire and summer, and the Cailleach, goddess of winter.

The- arrgh.

No, no. I’m still struggling with this post. I haven’t been doing enough reading, enough learning, enough meditating, to actually say anything of value or anything concrete about either of those deities. *shrug*

I’m having a stuck week! Wish me better luck for next week. I can use E week to talk about Elements, where I will probably post pictures from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and wonder about the differences in classic elements throughout the globe.


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