H is for Hares

Painting of a gold landscape, white tree, hare and full moon

Art by Catherine Hyde

I love hares. Here’s some pictures of them! (Click the picture to go to the artist’s website.)

Painting of a hare leaping over a full moon above the sea

Art by Catherine Hyde

Silhouetted hare leaping in front of a full moon in an orange sky

Art via Hare Preservation Trust

Hare gazing at a full moon

By Eleanor Ludgate

Grey hare

By Ravenari

Overlapping images of hares and a woman sleeping

Art by Wendy Andrew

Wendy Andrew has a book all about a hare that learns about the turn of the year called Luna Moon Hare. I cannot wait to buy it when I have some money; it looks utterly beautiful.

Golden hare against a full moon

By Catherine Eaton Skinner

Hare across a moonlit field

Hannah Giffard

Shooting stars and full moon lighting up a running hare

Angela Harding

White mountain hare

By Sibelian

Woodcut of two hares in a field

Ian MacCulloch

White hare on a blue background

Amanda Clark

swirling celtic-style hares

By Martin Herbert

Hare against blue sky

James Bartholomew

Hare leaping away from the viewer; sunset behind

Sheila Williams

Hare praying to a crescent moon

Jackie Morris

Sculpture of a hare

Sculpture by Nichola Theakston

Hare gazing at a full moon in a wheatfield below a white chalk horse on a hillside

Joanna May

Crow watching a white hare below bare trees

Amanda Clark

Silhouette of a hare made up of circles or bubbles

Viza Arlington

Black and white art of two hares dancing

Celia Hart

Charcoal drawing of a hare

Valerie Davide

Art is super. Hares are marvellous! They bounce, leap and run. They look really photogenic in paintings like the ones above, and in real photos (such as those on my tumblr), and are frequently paired with full moons. I read a wonderful book about hares in mythology and spirituality which was called The Leaping Hare (1972) by George Ewart Evans and David Thompson (Amazon). My notes on it are somewhere – I’ll look it up and write more about hares next week.



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2 responses to “H is for Hares

  1. Lovely pictures. 🙂 I have only seen a hare twice in real life but they were special moments. Have I shown you my bronze figure?

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