J is for Jewellery

Ah, jewellery! I love jewellery. I have worn my Brigid’s Cross ever day since I got it a little over two months ago. I wanted something I could comfortably wear every day. I also got a solar cross/earth symbol (⊕). I bought it since it’s pretty and it’s pagan and – to me – represents the earth, the sun, and the wheel of the year.

Unfortunately, due to its association with fascism I kind of veer away from wearing it outside my clothes. Most people might not make that association, but I don’t want people thinking I am filled with hatred and violence when I’m not. More importantly, though, I don’t want somebody to be having a calm, nice day and suddenly they see a symbol that makes them on edge and angry and worried that they’re not safe. It can stay under my clothes or on my altar.

In the past I’ve got mixed up with the item and the meaning of the item. (I once had an engagement ring that meant more than the relationship itself.) I have to keep straight that the jewellery is not my faith or the deity it honours, and that forgetting to wear it one day isn’t a betrayal, and is I misplace it or lose it, it doesn’t mean anything in terms of my beliefs. An item of jewellery is not an article of faith. 😉 I keep having this feelings, these panics and worries about the jewellery, which is why I need to spell it out. I’m spelling it out for myself.

Do you wear jewellery? Do you, y’know, not stress out about jewellery as much as me? 😉



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4 responses to “J is for Jewellery

  1. I accidentally hit myself in the face with my pendant at least once a week but I don’t think that’s what you mean.

      • It’s only small but it’s still a lump of iron!

        In all seriousness, I have had the odd thought of ‘oh god what if someone thinks I’m a white supremacist’ but I consider wearing something that’s not offensive with no offensive intention different from say, using a word that was created to be offensive, even if you don’t mean it that way. It’s possible some people *would* be offended but to be honest I have to prioritise things and if I’m using something intended to be inoffensive in an inoffensive way then my religious expression is a priority over worrying than the slim chance someone would be offended. Plus, you can’t protect everyone from anything that might be offended. There’s probably more chance of me looking like someone that upset someone else and causing them pain at the memory or something than there is of anyone noticing my pendant and thinking I’m a Nazi.

        I wear my pendant and my h necklace all the time, although I have to take the pendant off when I bathe because it would rust. (The silver necklace is pretty much fine.) I have broken the necklace and panicked even though I didn’t lose it, I feel like they’re both part of me rather than an accessory. The main problem is that I can’t really wear most other jewellery with them and necklaces are really the only things I can wear (hands are too small for bangles or rings, and my ears aren’t pierced) so while I would like to acquire lots of shiny things I don’t.

  2. I can never seem to remember to wear jewelry (unless my parents are visiting…that surely needs explored in therapy or something). It took my husband years to realize that I didn’t mean anything offensive by not wearing my wedding ring; I just don’t remember jewelry most of the time. I do love jewelry and I keep meaning to wear it more.

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