M is for Moon

Moon phases

Phases of the moon

The moon is beautiful. I have no particular associations between the moon and my faith, but I feel a lovely warm connection with the moon. It’s the same kind of warm feeling when I see plants or animals. It’s good being an animist. With such affection and love being poured at it, it must be nice being the moon. I know some people associate Brigid with the moon, but for me at the moment it’s ‘just’ a large, beautiful, peaceful source of inspiration. I think that’s enough.

I’ve started following the phases of the moon each month using various online widgets, and I hope that patterns in my own feelings and behaviour might start to emerge.



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4 responses to “M is for Moon

  1. I’ve never heard that Brigid’s associated with the moon. I’d be very interested where you learned that. Can you share your sources please?

  2. In my research for my Brigid post I listed that it was from Brighid.org.uk. However, that website does not seem to contain any references to the moon any longer! After some searching, I have found a website (http://brighdetraining.blogspot.co.uk/) which links Brigid to both sun and moon. Sorry I can’t be more help.

    • Any help is appreciated, thanks!

      And I’ve always heard her associated with the sun, so I would’ve naturally assumed the Cailleach was a moon deity although I’ve never seen that mentioned anywhere.

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