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Q is for Quert (Apple trees)

Went on a lovely walk today to the local orchards, filled with apple trees. I think I’d been playing too much Sims, and hadn’t appreciated how full and brimming apple trees are with their fruit. They’re full, green and red and absolutely filling the branches. I’m looking forward to going back in a week or so and seeing if they are ready for picking.

It was just a real delight to see how full and how absolutely fruitful the place was. It made me very happy indeed.


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P is for Pantheons

I follow Brigid, who’s one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. While I follow Brigid, I have yet to learn more about the other deities in the pantheon. I’m not even certain if it’s going to be something I’d want to follow-up, as the idea of having male deities is uneasy due to complicated personal power inequalities as a survivor.

The Tuatha Dé Danann had travelled to the “Northern Isles” where they learned many skills and magic in its four cities Falias, Gorias, Murias and Findias. From there they traveled to Ireland bringing with them a treasure from each city – the four legendary treasures of Ireland. From Falias came the Lia Fáil. The other three treasures are the Claíomh Solais or Sword of Victory, the Sleá Bua or Spear of Lugh and the Coire Dagdae or The Dagda’s Cauldron.

(Wikipedia. But this isn’t an academic essay, so it’s all right. Right?)

I’m enjoying the contradictory information so far about the relationships between the deities (is the Dagda married to Danu, or her son, or is he her father, or…?)

Recommendations for useful online links where I can learn about the Tuatha Dé Danann would be smashing.

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St. Bridget’s Church

On my travels this weekend I stopped to visit a church named for Saint Brigid. Disappointingly, it wasn’t somewhere I felt a connection or any particular spiritual experience. (The previous day, though, I’d heard a wren singing its heart out from a branch of an oak tree – and that was a profoundly spiritual experience!)

I suppose it reminds me of a few things: that others’ religious practices are not my own, and that while St Bride and the Pagan deity Brigid may be different ways of telling a similar story, they are not going to appeal to me in the same way.

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Fallen behind

I owe you an L and an M post for Pagan Blog Project!

‘M’ might be for ‘Moving House’, since that’s what I’ve been busy doing!

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Jackdaw sunworship, photo by Jess Knowles

Jackdaw sunworship, photo by Jess Knowles

Today I saw a sight just like this one: a jackdaw with its wings spread, laid out on the grass in bright, warm sunshine. It wasn’t injured (I checked!); it just seemed to be enjoying the sunshine.

It was wonderful to watch.

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June 9, 2013 · 8:34 pm

Pagan Blog Project: catching up

Hi folks,

I have been struggling with blog posts recently because my nan died a couple of days ago. Ironically, it’s one of those times when faith is certainly present in your soul and in your thoughts, but when things can’t come out in words so easily. I’ve been keeping Brigid close, and praying, and coming to terms with the loss.

I still want to keep up with PBP, though, so I hope to backdate some blog posts.


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I am feeling delightfully happy. I finally told my partner about aspects of my faith – about Brigid and the Cailleach, about winter and summer, and how it helps my Seasonal Affective Disorder. I compared this past winter with the one before, compared my coping levels and my happiness. And my scientific, faith-skeptic partner said he was happy for me – whatever I need to help me.

And I think the Cthulu jokes might die down a little.

I can be happier and more open with my beliefs in my own home, alongside respect and love for my partner, and that is really wonderful. Love for my deities, love for my partner, happiness for myself.

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