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K is for Kindred

I suppose I was attracted to Paganism as a religion because of a sense of shared beliefs, though ‘shared’ is something of a misnomer with Paganism. Pagans believe in everything from deities, astrology, creationism, fae, demons, and all/neither of the above. Yet I like it. Paganism is quite the ‘none of the above’ kind of religion – not united around a written book, not generally recognised or understood by most, except in a kind of ‘so you go to Stonehenge?’ or ‘are you the ones in the robes?’ or ‘aren’t you the ones who dance about in the nip?’ (‘I haven’t been yet’; ‘I do own a cape, does that count?’ and ‘not personally, no’, respectively.)

We might follow the same festivals, or none; might look at the phases of the moon; might cover our hair or take off all clothes; but… I don’t know. To me, at least, I think we still feel pretty much like kindred people. Doesn’t mean I have to like or agree with any other Pagans, of course. Just means we know what it’s like frowning at dreamcatchers in hippy shops, talking to objects that others don’t talk to (trees, plants), and we might know the phase of the moon at that particular moment.

How do you feel about other Pagans? Are they kindred folk in some way? (I suppose they must be, really, since otherwise why would you call yourself Pagan if you didn’t belong to that group?)


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