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L is for Litha

Litha, or the summer solstice, is the time when the hours of daylight are longest and the hours of darkness are shortest. It’s the height of summer, though not necessarily the warmest or sunniest! For instance, today has been filled with clouds and showers, rather than bright, icecream weather. I went for a lovely walk through fields, around a church, and came home to eat an apple. Apples are delicious.

Today marks a year since I started calling myself Pagan. A year’s study has got me exactly where I hoped I would be: knowing a little but wanting to know a lot more! I have solidified a lot of my beliefs and feel confident and happy to call myself a Pagan. In the coming year I’d like to learn to identify more plants, put together a recipe book of things I have learned to make, and learn or create rituals for the festivals.

This year, this is what midsummer means to me. It’s a warm day with a cool glass of squash, a nice walk through pollen-heavy fields and a delicious apple. 🙂



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